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Frequently Asked Questions

Next Generation Insurance (NextGen) is an insurance intermediary helping our Customers look after what they love.

You can pay annually or monthly, remember, the contract is still an annual one. 

You can log into your customer area and make a change there by visiting Alternatively you can call us on 01206 688097 or you can email us at [email protected]

We insure road bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes (not scooters or mopeds).

To make a claim simply log in at call our friendly team on 0333 400 9040 or e-mail us at [email protected]

You will need your proof of purchase and any evidence of the claim (pictures from the scene of the theft/accident).

Unfortunately, our bicycle insurance doesn’t work that way. If your bicycle has been stolen, you must report the theft to the police to get a crime reference number. Once you’ve completed this you can report the claim to us and we will complete a full claims assessment and we will issue you with the cost of a replacement bicycle up to the value that you insured it for. You have the insurance to cover the cost, don’t spend your own money unnecessarily as we won’t be able to reimburse you if you don't follow the claims process.

Yes, you will need to report the theft of your bicycle to the Police within 48 hours of discovery. You will need to obtain a crime reference number in order to support a theft claim.

We try to keep our Excess levels really straightforward. The excess is 5% of the insured bicycle value.

We rely on you to provide true and accurate details when you take out a bicycle insurance policy with us and when you report any claim to us. If false, inaccurate or misleading information is provided to us at any time this could invalidate your policy and any claim that you make. 

You need to be aware that we take fraud very seriously. We have measures in place to detect and deter fraud. We pass any information we have to fraud agencies and other insurers. We will always prosecute if fraud is proven. 

No, not with NextGen bicycle insurance.

Outstanding customer service as standard

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